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We love what we do and we love why we do it.  Like our motto says, at TailorCraft Builders, “your dreams are our passion.”  We believe that the dreams and vision behind a project are just as important as the design and construction itself.  Whether it’s a custom new construction on the water, or the renovation of a home that our clients have lived in for 20 years, the “why” that are clients entrust us to fulfill is what makes us so passionate about what we do!

The “why” is what sparked the idea of creating this “follow a project” blog. We know that many of our clients (past, present, and future) enjoy looking at our gallery of work, but we wanted to give them something more than some pretty pictures and short descriptions.  We wanted to show how acknowledging, and ultimately fulfilling, the dreams and visions of our clients is such an integral part of what we do.

The projects that we highlight here will be interesting in and of themselves, but we believe it is the “why” behind them that truly make them worthy of following.  So without any further ado, we present to you: “Follow a Project.”


Anchor's End

When Mark and Natasha married at the United States Naval Academy Chapel in 1987, they would have never predicted that life would have them building their “forever home” back in Annapolis almost 30 years later.  Mark, a submarine officer turned nuclear engineer, has had careers that took him, Natasha, and their three sons all over the United States.  From South Carolina to New Mexico, with many other places in between, their family has never had the chance to plant their roots very deeply.  So when circumstances put all three of their sons on the East Coast, they decided that it was time to establish their home base back where their family’s story started.

Their original plan was to downsize to a condo or townhouse downtown.  They did a lot of research online and Natasha found the perfect townhouse right outside of the Naval Academy’s Gate 1.  However, right before they were scheduled to fly out and meet with their realtor to see the property in person, Mark asked if they could consider something on the water. Natasha wasn’t too keen on the idea, after all, with their 3 boys out of the house, she wanted to take advantage of all of the great things that Annapolis has to offer.  But to appease Mark, she found one “horrible” waterfront listing in their price range and scheduled a visit.

When they arrived at the property in Cape St. John on the South River, and Mark saw the standalone 4-car garage, it was love at first site…for him at least.  He loved the yard, he loved the pier, and he loved the “horrible” house.  Natasha couldn’t find much to like, but she did love the “infinity patio” and how much Mark loved the property. Thankfully they are a couple with great vision, and they were able to see the potential in the property.  It was decided then and there that they were going to make this “rough, little house” their home.

Initially the plan was only to remodel the existing home, but that caused some concern.  Mark and Natasha wanted to create a place for their sons to feel settled and comfortable, but with three tall sons and only 2,200 low-ceilinged square feet to work with, it was going to be a tight fit.  They ultimately decided to renovate the existing structure while maintaining its “old” character and charm.  The new wing of the home is going to have a more modern feel with open spaces and higher ceilings.  The ultimate goal is for the house to look like an old family home that has been added on to over time. 

Sprinkled throughout the home will be some of their favorite design elements from each of their previous homes, truly creating a place for them to plant their family’s roots and nurture their future.  And since they are returning to the place where their history started, their forever home has most aptly been named “Anchor’s End.”



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Remodeling and Home Design
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